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Dental implants are a marvel of modern dentistry that effectively restores function, health, and beauty to the smile following the loss of one tooth or multiple teeth. Utilizing three separate components, the implant replaces the original tooth structure for results that look and feel completely natural. The process for placing and restoring implants is carried out over a series of visits to our office; below, you will find the details of this procedure.

If you’re already missing teeth, odds are you’ll need a bone graft to prepare your mouth to receive implants. The graft rebuilds bone mass that has been lost over time.

Once your mouth is ready to receive implants, your dentist or oral surgeon will gently insert titanium screws into your jawbone. These replace the roots of your original teeth.

Your jawbone will need up to six months to mesh with the titanium implants. You should experience little to no discomfort during this time.

Once your jaw is ready, your dentist will place titanium abutments on top of the implants to prepare your mouth for crowns.

Finally, your dentist will attach elegant new crowns to the abutments, giving you a set of brand new teeth that look just like the real thing!

While receiving implants does require patience as you complete a sequence of office visits, we can assure you that the results are well worth the wait! You’ll enjoy lifelong, life-changing results with dental implants!


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