Sedation Dentistry

Even under the most attentive care and professional service, not all patients are thrilled about visiting the dentist’s office; we understand that. We recognize the impact that dental phobia and anxiety can have on some patients and will never make you feel ashamed of experiencing fear in our office. Instead, we will meet your concerns with options to make you feel confident and at ease during your visit with us. Our practice in Florida, is proud to offer sedative options for patients that need a little extra help getting through their appointment. Whether the visit is for a procedure or a routine cleaning, we will work with you to ensure you have an excellent dental experience.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a mild form of sedation we have available in our office. The sedative is administered as a breathable gas that is inhaled through a mask placed over the patient’s nose. As the gas begins to quickly take effect, the patient may feel quite drowsy. In most cases, it does not cause patients to fall asleep, it simply relaxes them while significantly reducing any level of anxiety.  Upon the completion of the treatment, the mask is removed, allowing the nitrous oxide to clear the patient’s system. Patients are able to return to normal behavior shortly after their procedure has ended, as the sedative has no lingering effects. 

Oral Sedation

An oral sedative is a stronger form of sedation that is provided as a pill to be taken prior to the patient’s visit. The pill is prescribed by the dentist and patients will receive instructions regarding the time to take the pill and under what conditions it should be taken (before eating, after eating, with clear liquids, etc). The oral sedative will allow patients to get through their appointment without feeling anxious, experiencing pain, or feeling uncomfortable. Most often, patients actually don’t even remember their time in the office while under oral sedation.  Oral sedatives cause extreme drowsiness, so driving under their influence is not possible. It’s important that patients have a friend or family member available to drive them to and from the office after taking an oral sedative. 

Your Appointment Under Your Control

At Dental Excellence in Florida, we believe an excellent patient experience is best achieved when patients and doctors work together. While we have the skills and experience to treat and maintain your smile, we need the patient’s perspective to best decide how the treatment should be done. Dentistry is about more than just what’s being performed, but it’s about how the patient feels and what they experience. That’s why we offer oral sedation to our patients because we want them to feel comfortable during their visit. At our office, we value the patient’s input and want to ensure their guidance leads us to provide better care. For dentistry that is customized to fit you, contact our office today!

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